Information relating to Nurse Witch Komugi games and software!


Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Magikarte PS2
Komugi Show
Komugi on Fight: Dog Fight Spinoff Sisters!

When looking for Nurse Witch Komugi games to play, especially on internet archival sites, you might come across this listing. While it's nice to see what looks to be an archive of one of the Komugi games including Komugi BBS, this is MALWARE! Please for the love of Mugimaru do NOT download this listing! You'll get a virus that not even Mugi can cure.

Komugi★BBS is a messaging software that I personally find super confusing. If you read the warning section from earlier, I mentioned Komugi★BBS being included in the malware package. It turns out, the Komugi game is the piece that's malware. The Komugi★BBS is completely functional! So, in order to avoid more people downloading dangerous files, I'm working on hosting a zip file containing ONLY Komugi★BBS. I will update this section once I get that up and running!

Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Magikarte is a game for the PS2! You will need an emulator in order to play it. I recommend PS2emu but there are a lot of other emulators out there! The game is a simple visual novel and is entirely in Japanese. Haven't found an English version, but will update this page once I do. Download it here!

Nurse Witch Komugi Show is a simple platformer doujin game that I've played a countless amount of times! It's cute and easy and just enough to keep you satisfied. Gets a little repetitive but honestly, completely worth it. Download it here!

Komugi on Fight: Dog Fight Spinoff Sisters! is a doujin game that is notoriously kind of horrible. The art is awesome, but other than that, it's one of the worst mugen-styled fighting games I've played in a minute. Still would recommend playing for all the mugiheads out there. Download it here!